Want to take your RaspberryPi further? You’ll love GoPiGo!

GoPiGo is a RaspberryPi-based robot that helps students explore new frontiers in computer science and connect coding to real-life problem-solving. Raspberry Pi is a tiny computer that aims to put the power of computing and digital making into the hands of people all over the world. GoPiGo turns your Raspberry Pi into a robot!

GoPiGo is a great way to learn-to-code – thanks to its preinstalled operating system and block-based programming language it's remarkably simple to build and program your own robot! It uses the power of Raspberry Pi, interactive Python, and a suite of pre-installed libraries to help you and your students explore cutting edge computer science activities. GoPiGo is great for seasoned professionals too! Advanced users can connect to Google’s Cloud Vision API and other web-data – helping users explore new frontiers in computer science.

Go further with GoPiGo!